Summer Vacay Bag


  • Image of Summer Vacay Bag

Available in 4 different colors

Image of Eternity Rings
Eternity Rings
Image of Lola ring
Lola ring
Image of Mariposa 2 piece necklace set
Mariposa 2 piece necklace set
Image of Mariposa Ring
Mariposa Ring
Image of Dixie Earrings
Dixie Earrings
Image of Mariposa Anklet
Mariposa Anklet
Image of CC String Earrings
Sold out
CC String Earrings
Image of Pop sockets
Pop sockets
Image of Pearly hoops
Pearly hoops
Image of CC Inspired Earrings
CC Inspired Earrings
Image of Gucci inspired bag
Gucci inspired bag
Image of YSL Inspired Earrings
Sold out
YSL Inspired Earrings
Image of Venom Lashes
Venom Lashes
Image of Gucci Inspired Earrings
Sold out
Gucci Inspired Earrings
Image of Bamboo Earrings
Bamboo Earrings
Image of Violeta Zip Crop Top White / Black
Violeta Zip Crop Top White / Black
Image of Penelope Backpack
Penelope Backpack
Image of CC Crossbody
CC Crossbody
Image of Dixie Backpack
Sold out
Dixie Backpack
Image of ‘Designer’ Crossbody
Sold out
‘Designer’ Crossbody
Image of Lashaholics Logo Sweater
Lashaholics Logo Sweater
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